The Two Wolves

With a hat tip to the OM Collective’s podcast Zen and the Art of Monday Morning, particularly Episode Nine, which I listened to this morning. Succinctly put (they tell it better):  There are two wolves living inside us, in constant struggle. One is our base nature: avaricious, jealous, self-centered. Another is our noble nature: forward-thinking, […]

Wine Review: St. Regis Cab

Winemaker: St. Regis Wine: Dealcoholized Cabaret Sauvignon Available at: Canadian grocery stores, including Metro Look: dark/cherry red Nose: A bit vinegary off the top; small fruit with strong cherry notes. Notes: A bit ‘thin’ on the palate. Notes include cherry, concord grape, and cider vinegar; doesn’t linger on the palate, pleasant aftertaste. Matt’s impressions: If […]

Sober-Curious Criticism, Dealcoholized Wine, and More

Matt and Marisa talk about the sudden appearance of new “sober months” in the calendar, and some surprising backlash to sober-curiosity and Sober October that has come up from a… suspicious source? Are we being too cynical? Not cynical enough? Discussed this episode: 4 Reasons the ‘Sober Curious’ Movement Could Harm People Living With Addiction […]

Episode 02 – Coming Out

Watch Matt come from a place of complete honesty, then pivot to turn into the Lord of Lies as he and Marisa talk about navigating coming out as a non-drinker to friends and family. Marisa’s a lot more consistent! Strategies and tactics, the three-speed perception of drinking, and lots more to cover in this episode […]

Episode 1: Introductions

Hello MightyFriends! What’s all this, then? It’s a podcast/blog/stuff about sobriety, run by a married couple who don’t drink. It covers everything from the very silly to the kind of serious. It’s weekly. It’s a floor wax and a dessert topping. In our first episode: Meet Matt and Marisa Table-setting and introduction Hip Sobriety and […]

“Drunk people don’t protest:” Moldova, Ontario, and booze as state control

Reading a TIME article on Moldova’s drinking problem, this quote jumps out, from about the ¾ mark:  This perception also exists in Moldova, Europe’s poorest country, where corruption and political instability are rife. “It’s a way of keeping the population passive,” says Ivan Lungu, a 38-year-old recovering alcoholic, who quit drinking a couple of years […]

Career purpose as a sobriety tool

From Jacksonville: the story of Heath Mooney, a firefighter who (via a groovy-sounding program offered by the International Association of Fire Fighters, kudos to them) has found his job itself a way to combat alcoholism and PTSD: It’s an interesting thought — when you do a quick scan of why people drink, “stress from […]