The Two Wolves

With a hat tip to the OM Collective’s podcast Zen and the Art of Monday Morning, particularly Episode Nine, which I listened to this morning. Succinctly put (they tell it better):  There are two wolves living inside us, in constant struggle. One is our base nature: avaricious, jealous, self-centered. Another is our noble nature: forward-thinking, […]

Sober-Curious Criticism, Dealcoholized Wine, and More

Matt and Marisa talk about the sudden appearance of new “sober months” in the calendar, and some surprising backlash to sober-curiosity and Sober October that has come up from a… suspicious source? Are we being too cynical? Not cynical enough? Discussed this episode: 4 Reasons the ‘Sober Curious’ Movement Could Harm People Living With Addiction […]

Career purpose as a sobriety tool

From Jacksonville: the story of Heath Mooney, a firefighter who (via a groovy-sounding program offered by the International Association of Fire Fighters, kudos to them) has found his job itself a way to combat alcoholism and PTSD: It’s an interesting thought — when you do a quick scan of why people drink, “stress from […]