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85% increase in Alcohol Use Disorder in women, 35% in men, in the last decade in America

Charter challenge over six-month sobriety rule for alcoholics in Canada

errata: we say ‘Supreme Court’ off the top; more likely this would end up with the Court of Appeal for Ontario. Law stuff!

John Hopkins study questioning validity of six-month rule

Atlantic article (book excerpt) on the ethics of the six-month rule

Ben Affleck is all in on sobriety

Post-recording: God Dammit Ben Affleck

(Yes, the word is recidivism)

Rosalinda Toronto, home of delicious vegan foods and mocktails to die for

Noo Yawk Seltza!

Georgia Peach Coca-Cola is better than you’d think.

What is Cali Sober?

Sober Strategy 1

Sober Strategy #1: Get A Drink First!