So the big thing these days is “hard seltzer”. It’s kind of a hard thing to swallow, no pun intended. Basically, club soda with flavourless alcohol in it. Which people who drink it say is less filling than beer, and more refreshing than wine, etc. At this point we seem to be on a natural drift to just drinking plain grain alcohol. Do you really need somebody to put plain alcohol in club soda for you? Really?

But wellness might be raining on the boozed-up-seltzer parade, according to articles including one in Markets Insider. The Youth — who the seltzer is mainly marketed toward — are participating in Sober September in greater numbers than ever. 

There seems to be more sobriety in the air than ever recently right down to more celebrities and people in the public eye ‘coming out’ as sober. 

It’s interesting to see trends collide — sober-curiosity on one hand, and really dumb drink trends on the other. I’m looking forward to seeing which wins out (I think it’s obvious which one I’m rooting for). 

Photo by Nicole Wilcox on Unsplash