Winemaker: St. Regis

Wine: Dealcoholized Cabaret Sauvignon

Available at: Canadian grocery stores, including Metro

Look: dark/cherry red

Wine glass and wine

Nose: A bit vinegary off the top; small fruit with strong cherry notes.

Notes: A bit ‘thin’ on the palate. Notes include cherry, concord grape, and cider vinegar; doesn’t linger on the palate, pleasant aftertaste.

Matt’s impressions: If I were still drinking alcohol, this would be something I’d be happy to pay under $10 for, but would get a bit miffed past that price point. As a kit winemaker, this strikes me as being in the same range as a well-made kit. Not a bad wine for a table wine, but nothing to write home about.

Marisa says: “I liked it! It made me think of grape juice, but good, adult grape juice.”

Would we buy it again?: Yes

Pair with: smokey or pastrami seitlans, hearty stews, beans & rice.